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Italian For Kids 1 DVD

Italian For Kids 1 DVD

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The Fun and Easy Way to Learn Italian

Learn Italian effortlessly! ITALIAN FOR KIDS volume 1 teaches kids conversational Italian while entertaining them at the same time.

Come join Marina and her puppy Momo as they lead you through useful words and phrases. 3-D animation, interactive games, and songs that kids want to hear over and over again, make this video fun for the whole family.

Language Tree products are both effective and entertaining.

  • Multi-Cognition Approach™: Every Language Tree product employs a unique Multi-Cognition Approach™, developed by a cognitive scientist from Stanford University to enhance learning.
  • Fun to Watch: The videos feature exciting storylines, colorful 3D animation and fun sing-along songs that reinforces new words and phrases.
  • Inspirational Characters: The video make language learning "cool" by introducing positive role models that inspire your child to speak a new language.
  • Broadens Cultural Awareness: Videos teach useful words and phrases in the context of the diverse cultures of today.
  • Interactive and Continuous Learning: To test lesson comprehension, there are embedded fun games you can play with your DVD remote control.

Each DVD also includes a learning booklet which enables parents or teachers to follow along and get involved in the teaching process.

Approximate Running Time: 45 minutes