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Indonesian Idioms And Expressions

Indonesian Idioms And Expressions

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Colloquial Indonesian At Work

Indonesian Idioms and Expressions is a collection of expressions, proverbs, slang, quotations and acronyms, offering a commentary on their origins, as well as insights into Indonesian culture, customs, and history. An informal compendium, Indonesian Idioms and Expressions is designed to be both educational and easy to read.

There are four parts to the book, and the chapters hit on various linguistic themes, among them wisdom, characters, animals, food, slang, family affairs, and politics. Entries include the expression in Bahasa Indonesia, a translation, and equivalent expression in English and an explanation if necessary. The idea is to learn about Indonesian through texture and content of its language, rather than the headlines - often bad ones - that tend to dominate perceptions of the vast country.

Paperback Book, 282 pages