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Instant Immersion English 2.0

Instant Immersion English 2.0

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Speak English Step-By-Step

The Euro Method is the easy and simple way so many Europeans learn to speak a second language. Based on the same tried and proven techniques that allow a four year old to learn to speak a language long before that same child can read or write, the Instant Immersion English package is guaranteed to be the best method for learning to SPEAK English quickly.

Linguists have long known that an immersion environment is the absolute fastest way to learn a second language - the concept is based on being surrounded by native speakers and a new culture. Unfortunately, most of us cannot spend six months in a English-speaking country. So, the Instant Immersion English program is the next best thing. In this 5-CD ROM set, you get TALK NOW, TALK MORE, and WORLD TALK, all developed by EuroTalk, the leading publisher of language learning software in Europe.

These programs will take you from beginner to an intermediate speaker faster than any other language learning software on the market.

Also included is Interactive Picture Dictionary - a dictionary that allows you to easily explore over 2,000 words in English. Using highly effective picture association techniques, the Interactive Picture Dictionary includes high-quality images, illustrations, video clips, and other memory enhancing tools that make retaining vocabulary simple. Native English speakers introduce the words and phrases, ensuring you receive the most authentic translation available. With interactive games, worksheets, and a printable dictionary, you will quickly memorize key terms uses in daily conversation.

Finally, you get Who is Oscar Lake? - the first language-learning program of its kind anywhere. You won't find repetitive drills or endless vocabulary lists here. Instead, Oscar Lake plunges you directly into a foreign city where you must solve a puzzling mystery in English. With Oscar Lake, you learn by hearing, seeing, and doing. And because you interact directly with all the characters you meet, you control the pace of the story, the speed of learning, and even the outcome of the came. But be careful! With its multiple endings, Who is Oscar Lake? can make you the hero who recovers the stolen diamond, or the convict who ends up taking the rap!

INCLUDES A BONUS Merriam-Webster Spanish-English on-screen dictionary with over 80,000 entries!

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