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Instant Immersion Italian Deluxe 2.0

Instant Immersion Italian Deluxe 2.0

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With Advanced Speech Recognition and Analysis!

Multimedia Language Instruction and Reference!

The First 3 CD-ROMS Include:

Talk To Me: Italian Beginner (100 hours)
Talk To Me: Italian Intermediate (100 hours)
Talk To Me: Italian Advanced (100 hours)

Let the latest linguistic features and user-friendly interface of the Talk To Me software suite help you set the pace to Italian language fluency, with 300 hours of progressive instruction on 3 CD-ROMS.

Features include:

  • Progressive Learning: All activities are arranged in ascending order of difficulty, from easiest to most challenging
  • Speech Recognition: The state-of-the-art program evaluates your pronunciation and polishes your Italian accent
  • 3D Phonetic Animations: Vivid images in three-dimensions demonstrate correct movement of the mouth and lips for each word, achieving proper Italian pronunciation
  • S.E.T.S.: The unique capabilities of the Spoken Error Tracking System detect errors in spoken Italian and offer playback of corrected speech
  • Engrossing Activities: twenty-three games and exercises provide in-depth grammar and vocabulary expansions. Includes word searches, Riddles, Dictation, Crossword Puzzles, and Mapmania

The above Talk To Me software is an earlier version of the now popular TELL ME MORE software package.

The Fourth CD-ROM contains a Collins Lexibase Italian-English Dictionary. This highly acclaimed dual-directional dictionary offers over 430,000 translations of words and expressions combined with a host of search and display options.

The package is complete with 4 AUDIO CDs that allow you take your learning with you. This comprehensive curriculum keeps you motivated even when you are on the move! Audio lesson plan includes:

  • Audio CD 5: Alphabet, sounds, Common Expressions, Questions, Regions & Cities
  • Audio CD 6: Greetings, Negative responses, The Family
  • Audio CD 7: Numbers, Verbs
  • Audio CD 8: Gender Usages, Nouns, Adjectives

Your first-class journey to a new language is ready to begin. At the computer or on the commute, your Italian proficiency is reserved, confirmed and ticketed with Instant Immersion Italian Deluxe 2.0.

On 8 CDs

For Windows 98/Me/2000/XP only. Not for Vista and not for Macintosh.