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Instant Immersion Italian Deluxe Workbook

Instant Immersion Italian Deluxe Workbook

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Italian Language Instruction as Easy as Uno, Due, Tre!

Now you can join the conversation with native speakers using Instant Immersion's Deluxe Edition Workbook!

Whether you're learning a new language for vacation, studying in school or simply polishing your fluency, Instant Immersion is the easiest and fastest way to learn a language. By combining written vocabulary, conversational, and cultural skills, you'll learn a new language in just minutes a day.

Bonus! Portable Video Phrasebook DVD & full color National Geographic map


  • Essential vocabulary, dialogues & exercises in every chapter
  • Phonetic pronunciation & translations as you go
  • Cultural impressions with everyday native expressions
  • Flash cards for easy word & phrase recognition
  • Using the Portable Video Phrasebook DVD, transfer key audio and video phrases from your computer to iPod, MP4, mobile phone, PSP or other multimedia player for on the go learning

Paperback book, 116 pages with flashcards, Video Phrasebook DVD, and National Geographic Map.