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Iraqi Phrasebook

Iraqi Phrasebook

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The One-Stop Guide to Essential Communication in Iraqi Arabic

The only Iraqi phrasebook available today, this up-to-date guide is a must-have resource for foreigners about to enter Iraq, giving them access to the real Arabic that Iraqis speak every day.

In addition to featuring content specifically chosen for its relevance to Iraqi reconstruction, the book also covers all the basic topics important to travelers. Iraqi Phrasebook starts with basic grammar and vocabulary and moves on to useful phrases - from asking for directions, finding accommodations, and making purchases to communicating with medical personnel and the police and at checkpoints.

All Arabic phrases are presented in easy-to-read transliterations, and much of the language is in a conversational format that shows how the phrases fit together to help with communication.

  • 1,500 Key Words & Phrases
  • Presents the Iraqi dialect spoken in and around Baghdad - the most widely spoken and understood form throughout Iraq
  • Contains chapters based on everyday situations such as shopping and eating, as well as an English-Iraqi Arabic dictionary
  • Includes sections on security, the military, construction, and public services, complete with lists of highly useful words and phrases

The only language guide of its kind, the Iraqi Phrasebook provides you with the Iraqi-Arabic phrases you'll need to communicate effectively in general travel, medical, and security situations, as well as with ordinary Iraqis on the street.