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IQChinese Mandarin Basics

IQChinese Mandarin Basics

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The simplest way to Immediately Remember 500 of the Most Useful Chinese Characters and Thousands of Phrases

Mandarin Basics is not just another listen and repeat CD. Yes, you will learn to Read, Write, and Speak Chinese. But, more importantly, you will learn to type in Chinese. You already communicate everyday via a keyboard: email, MSN, SKYPE, Facebook, etc., why not in Chinese?

Imagine communicating today with Chinese friends worldwide with your computer. With Mandarin Basics you will learn Chinese characters, both simplified and traditional, correct pronunciation, and hundreds of useful sentences and phrases simply by learning to type in Chinese.

Included is a handbook with useful insights into learning Chinese, written especially for the first-time learner. Also included is a lifelong tool for correct Mandarin pronunciation—Mandarin Pinyin which lets you hear any Mandarin word with any possible tone combination spoken in a native speaker’s voice.

A 24 Hour Chinese Pronunciation Tool

  • Hear any possible combination of Mandarin sounds and tones spoken by a native Chinese.
  • Just type in the Pinyin and correct tone. Its like having your own Chinese pronunciation tutor 24/7.
  • Just push the button and mandarin Pinyin will speak in a native Chinese voice.
  • Watch how Mandarin sounds are formed by a native Chinese speaker.
  • Five different levels of Pinyin games. Have fun while learning.

A Unique Type-to-Learn Chinese Method

  • Unlike any other software or courseware, IQChinese type-to-learn lets you actually practice, learn, and review Chinese simultaneously.
  • Type-to-Learn Chinese is the quickest way to learn new Chinese characters and put them to use in sentences.

Includes Reports of Your Strengths and Weaknesses

  • Summary Report lets you know exactly how you're improving. Keep track of your speed and accuracy.
  • Detail Report shows exactly where you need to focus.
  • Pin point your weak areas: character errors, pinyin errors, or tone errors.
  • You can also print your reports for review and follow up.

Functions and Features

  • Mouse-over character function reveals pronunciation and tone mark
  • English translations for all Chinese words and phrases
  • Speak out-load function provides auditory feedback
  • Built-in reports provide summary of speed, accuracy, and detailed analysis of areas that need improvement
  • Spiral curriculum ensures continual exposure to characters introduced in earlier lessons throughout the course
  • Traditional and simplified characters available in every lesson
  • Chant feature introduces new vocabulary in a rhythmical easy-to-remember format
  • Multiple learning methods include visual, auditory, kinesthetic and musical

Includes a Mandarin Basics Handbook.

System Requirements:

Windows: Windows 2000/XP/Vista, Intel Pentium 4, 1.7 GHz or greater, 512 MB RAM, CD-ROM Drive, Sound Card, 500 MB Hard Disk Space, Screen Resolution 1024x768. Internet Connection required for product activation.

Macintosh: Mac OX X, 1GHz PowerPC, G5 or multicore Intel processor, 512 MB RAM, CD-ROM drive, Sound Card, 500 MB Hard Disk Space, Screen Resolution 1024x768. Internet Connection required for product activation.