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Introduction to Spanish for Health Care Workers

Introduction to Spanish for Health Care Workers

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Communication and Culture

Designed for students with little or no formal background in Spanish, this textbook provides the necessary language and vocabulary to facilitate better communication between health care providers and the growing Spanish-speaking community in the United States.

This classroom text uses readings, exercises, and interactive activities to integrate Spanish medical vocabulary, grammar, and colloquial terms that nurses, doctors, dentists, and medical technicians need most. Rich cultural notes explain Hispanic customs and communication styles.


  • Free audio CD created to develop listening skills and guide pronunciation
  • Interesting topics such as patient-practitioner relationship, the patient’s chief complaint, taking a medical history, injuries, pharmacotherapy, diet and nutrition, mental health, and maternity
  • A graphic, easy-to-understand presentation of structure and the rules of correct speech
  • Enhanced focus on developing writing and listening skills
  • More than 250 additional words in the glossaries
  • A workbook section called LEARNING CHECK that develops reading and writing skills

From Yale University Press

Paperback book, 303 pages PLUS two appendices.