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In the Know in Germany

In the Know in Germany

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The Indispensable Guide to Working and Living in German

Doing business across borders is very different from doing business across town - subtle and not-so-subtle differences in attitudes and etiquette play a big role.

Did You Know?

  • Be on Time! Germans are very time-conscious; if you're late, you might be seen as irresponsible
  • You're expected not to wash your car, mow your lawn, or otherwise disturb the peace on Sundays; it's part of Germany's mandatory quiet hours
  • If you don't want to sound insincere, don't use excessive compliments. Do you REALLY love that blouse you coworker is wearing?

Whether you 're moving to Germany or traveling there for business, it's essential that you know what to expect, and what will be expected of you. Cross-cultural awareness provides you with just that knowledge. Living Language and Terra Cognita In the Know in Germany is designed to help both businesspeople and their families navigate the often complex waters of life in another culture.

Includes a language section. Also, includes a FREE 60-minute CD with the key phrases you need to make a good impression.

Softcover Book 256 Pages, 1 audio CD