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In the Know in Mexico & Central America

In the Know in Mexico & Central America

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The indispensable Guide to Working and Living in Mexico & Central America

Be in the KNOW before you go!

Doing business across borders is very different from doing business across town - subtle and not-so-subtle differences in attitudes and etiquette play a big role.

Did you Know?

  • Flowers are so inexpensive and plentiful in Mexico & Central America that they're considered to be too cheap to give as a gift.
  • Be patient, and don't rush into discussing business. You can ruin a business deal if you don't spend time on small talk.
  • A lot of Mexicans and Central Americans hate to deliver bad news; they are more likely to tell you what you want to hear.

Fit right in by understanding local manners, etiquette and behaviors. Navigate through everyday life with tips for the whole family. Get an insider's perspective on the social and business environment.

PLUS, includes a FREE 60-minute audio CD with the key phrases you need to make a great impression.

Softcover Book, 278 pages