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Italian Verbs for Dummies

Italian Verbs for Dummies

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A Fun & Easy Way to Tame Irregular Verbs and take the Tension out of Tenses

Over 66 million people around the world speak Italian, and Italian remains a popular choice for American students studying a foreign language. Italian Verbs For Dummies is ideal for those who have a basic knowledge of Italian but wish to improve their fluency by mastering the nuances of Italian verbs.

This plain-English guide provides coverage of basic sentence structure, moods, tenses, and regular and irregular verbs, along with exercises to make conjugating Italian verbs a snap. It can also serve as a supplementary resource for students to use alongside classroom books.

With 17 tenses, 3 main verb types, and a lot of irregularities, Italian verbs can drive any earnest student crazy! Fortunately, this book is here to help you make sense of confusing rules and drill you on the exceptions. Each chapter is packed with examples, exercises, and conjugation charts - just what you need to master even the toughest Italian verbs.

Oversize Paperback Book, 294 pages