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Italian with Professor Toto DVD - Part II

Italian with Professor Toto DVD - Part II

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Book plus DVD - Professor Toto is FUN and it Works!

Meet Professor Toto and discover why he's uniquely qualified to teach your child a foreign language.

Experts Agree! The key to learning a language is an early start. The Professor Toto Language Education Series was developed by the renowned educator François Thibaut and uses his proven, child-tested Thibaut Technique, taught by The Language Workshop for Children for more than 30 years. It's not only fun, it also really works!

Watch & Learn with Professor Toto Part II: Professor Toto's House contains:

  • A DVD featuring Professor Toto's class. Laugh, learn and discover vocabulary for actions, places, things, directions, shapes, sports, musical instruments, time, the seasons and more! The class even gets to visit Professor Toto a his home!
  • Two complete scripts in English and the target language.
  • A Parent's Guide.

Your child will learn new words and songs in every DVD with the Watch and Learn with Professor Toto series.

For ages 2 - 10

Also available Italian Part I