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Italian Without Words

Italian Without Words

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Now, you can communicate in Italian even if you don't know a single word!

You don't need words to speak Italian.

You don't have to study Italian or travel to Italy to communicate like a true paesano. AIl you really need is this unique "phrase book" of Italian body language. It's the fastest, and funniest, way . to learn Italian ever published.

Now, even if you don't know a single word of Italian, you can learn the most common greetings, dining small talk, bargaining tricks, hot vows of love, vicious threats and bloodcurdling curses.

This book shows you how. There's no faster or funnier way to learn how to communicate in Italy, Italian restaurants, with your grandparents or your friends.

About the Authors: Don Cangelosi, a Director of the Boys Club of N.Y., and Joseph Delli Carpini, an advertising executive, are native New Yorkers who delight in carrying on long conversations in Italian without uttering a single word. They usually get the best tables in Italian restaurants.

PLEASE NOTE: This is a fun book, but you aren't going to learn a lot of Italian with it. In addition to the Italian phrases (presented in both Italian and phonetic spellings), the main contribution is the Italian "body language" which is both famous and infamous! You can have a lot of fun with this book!

Paperback Book, 100 pages