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Japanese-English Character Dictionary

Japanese-English Character Dictionary

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The Most In-Depth And Authoritative Kanji Dictionary

The Most In-depth, Innovative, and Authoritative Japanese-English Character Dictionary Available

NTC's New Japanese-English Character Dictionary is based on a totally new system-not found in any other dictionary. The SKIP system allows you to look up characters as quickly as in alphabetical dictionaries and gives you an in-depth understanding of kanji.

Many unique features of this dictionary make it an invaluable learning tool.

  • There are six lookup methods and three indices for speedy retrieval.
  • Core meaning-a powerful learning aid-provides an instant grasp of a character's fundamental concept.
  • Precise character meanings allow you to understand how a few thousand building blocks generate countless compounds.
  • There are 4421 entry characters, including 834 cross-reference entries
  • 60,000 senses for 42,000 words and word elements show exactly how each character contributes to the meaning of compounds.
  • 4650 synonym articles and 600 usage notes explain the differences and similarities between closely related characters.
  • The dictionary has over 25,000 cross-references and 11 appendices.
  • Also included are 2300 stroke order diagrams.

NTC's New Japanese-English Character Dictionary provides a wealth of information that is linguistically accurate, easy to use, and carefully designed to meet the needs of the learner. This volume is the most innovative, practical, and useful Japanese-English character dictionary ever compiled.

This is a massive book - over 3 inches thick with a sturdy hard cover.

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