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Just Enough Spanish

Just Enough Spanish

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How to Get By and Be Easily Understood

The perfect Spanish phrase book for when you want to know just enough to enioy yourself abroad.

Your ideal companion while traveling in Spain or Latin America---especially if you are a first-timer with little or no experience with Spanish-this handy, pocket-size guide packs all the punch of bigger phrase books in a concise, user-friendly format.

Just Enough Spanish covers all the essential travel topics-everything from days, months, currencies, and clothing sizes to food, shelter, and medical assistance. Learn in a snap how to say:

  • Do you speak English?
    ¿ Habla usted inglés?
  • I'd like a room with a shower.
    Quiero una habitación con ducha.
  • I'm ill.
    Estoy enfermo.

The quick-reference format and at-a-glance Q&A examples of Just Enough Spanish make it easier than ever for you to find just the right word or phrase for. any situation.