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Japanese for Beginners

Japanese for Beginners

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Master Conversational Japanese - includes audio MP3 CD

Thousands of people need to communicate in Japanese for practical reasons, but don't have the time or opportunity to devote the many years it takes to speak formal Japanese correctly.

Japanese for Beginners is a sensible learning tool enabling beginners to pick-up a functional knowledge of spoken Japanese in just a few days, rather than a few years.

By providing realistic dialogue that reflects actual situations you might encounter in Japan, comics to make learning easier and many practical examples, Tuttle Japanese for Beginners is a useful aid to becoming conversant in Japanese.


  • Practical Phrases to Help you converse with ease
  • Comic Strips and dialogues that bring Japanese to life
  • Exercises to help you practice speaking and listening
  • MP3 Audio CD with native Japanese speakers that help you pronounce like a pro

Whether you are seeing the sights in Kyoto or working in Tokyo, this book/Audio CD package will help you converse with ease.

Paperback Book, 207 pages with MP3 Audio CD