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Japanese Made Easy

Japanese Made Easy

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Covers all the most common social situations encountered by visitors to Japan

Japanese Made Easy is an accessible and thorough guide that has you using simple, everyday Japanese words and phrases within a few hours. This book has been thoroughly revised to help beginners build practical language skills quickly and easily.

Japanese Made Easy features:

  • More than 40 social situations commonly encountered by foreigners-including greetings, asking directions, dining out, visiting places and shopping.
  • Practice exercises based on over 30 of the most important Japanese sentence patterns, with example sentences and answer keys.
  • Notes on the key points of Japanese vocabulary and grammar.
  • A comprehensive glossary of important Japanese words and an index of vocabulary and grammar items.

Tazuko Monane was the director of the Japanese language program at Harvard University. She received her MSc degree from the University of Michigan and a PhD in Applied linguistics from Georgetown University. She was actively involved in language teaching and linguistic research, and many of her innovative teaching methods are embodied in this book.

Paperback Book, 160 pages