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Japanese Slang Uncensored

Japanese Slang Uncensored

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Japanese for Curious Foreigners

Speakers of standard Japanese who venture off the beaten track quickly realize there is more to the Japanese language than what they have learned in the classrooms or even on the streets. Japanese Slang Uncensored reveals in vivid detail the richness of Japanese slang in all its amusing, bizarre, and shocking forms. This book dives unblushingly into Japan's fascinating secret languages, the ingo (hidden words) used by thieves, prostitutes, sushi chefs, pickpockets, Buddhist monks, and other colorful characters. The author traces the origins of these expressions, in the process painting a revealing picture of Japan's subcultures and the people who move in their shadows.

Please note: this book contains some language that may be offensive to some. If you are easily offended, please do not buy this book.

Paperback book, 208 pages