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First Thousand Words in Japanese

First Thousand Words in Japanese

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For Kids of all Ages!

The First Thousand words in Japanese provides a wealth of vocabulary-building opportunities for young learners of Japanese, and also for anyone who want the stimulus of learning with pictures. Devised to appeal to a wide age range, this book contains bright and amusing pictures, illustrating a basic Japanese vocabulary. It encourages direct association of the Japanese word with the object to ensure effective, long-term learning. At the end of the book there is a full Japanese/English dictionary,which covers all the words in the book.

Throughout the book, each Japanese label is printed in kana, the Japanese syllabnic signs which are often introduced to beginners. Each label also has an easy-to-use pronunciation guide so that the kana signs can be learned over time or ignored,whichever suits the reader best.

At the start of the book, there is a thorough introduction to kana signs, along with general pronunciation tips and further notes about written Japanese. This revised edition brings fresh life to this enormously popular book.

The pictures and labels now include familiar objects which have only made their way into everyday life over the past few years. The text has been entirely revised and brought up to date, and there are a number of brand-new illustrations.  

Book, hard back