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Vocabulearn Japanese - CDs

Vocabulearn Japanese - CDs

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Instant Vocabulary

Expanding your foreign language vocabulary is essential in developing the power to really communicate in a new language.

Vocabulearn is unique in its ability to build vocabulary aurally: over 7,500 words organized into the categories: nouns, adjectives and adverbs, expressions, and verbs. Level One contains most frequently used words and phrases. Levels Two and Three present increasingly more complex terms.

This Complete set comes conveniently packaged in a FREE zippered CD Case - so it is easy to carry, anytime, anywhere.

The vocabulary learning is MUSIC enhanced. A pleasing background music improves vocabulary retention as described by author Don Campbell in THE MOZART EFFECT. This specially selected background music fades in and out at timed intervals to keep the brain alert and focused, for improved retention.


  • Just Listen … anywhere, without the need of a book
  • Printed Wordlist is included for reference


  • Includes over 7.500 unique words and expressions
  • Divided into three levels, Beginning, Intermediate, Advanced
  • Organized by category:Nouns, Adjectives/Adverbs, Short Expressions, and Verbs to focus learning
  • Perfect pronunciation by native speakers


  • Innovative presentation provides the opportunity to think both into and out of the target language: The first half of each section is English to Japanese; the second half, Japanese to English
  • Unique Bilingual format designed to learn Japanese or English vocabulary.

Get over that "hump" in language learning. Expand your vocabulary and see how quickly you advance in your language skills.

Please Note: This recording is in STEREO. The English is spoken on one side; Japanese on the other side.