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Assimil Japanese 1 with Ease - CDs

Assimil Japanese 1 with Ease - CDs

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Assimil Multimedia Pack - Coursebook with 4 Audio CDs

This volume of 49 lessons is the first part of a two-volume package that includes the 99 lessons of Japanese with Ease.

Providing you with Japanese characters, their Romanized equivalent, and a pronunciation key specially designed for English-speaking learners, it will soon enable you to read and speak Japanese like a native.

Do you remember how you learned to talk as a child? Your learning of Japanese will be based on the same mechanisms, in two distinct phases:

  • the passive phase, where you simply listen and repeat, throughout the two volumes.
  • the active phase, starting with the second volume, when you will begin to create your own sentences.

In volume 1 of Japanese with Ease, the lively dialogues taken from everyday events in Japan will not only immerse you in Japanese culture, but will also familiarize you with modern Japanese vocabulary, phrases and sentences. You will only require a half hour of study each day.

Textbook, 49 lessons, 384 pages and 3 CDs (total length: 2 hrs)

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