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Kanji ABC

Kanji ABC

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A Systematic Approach to Japanese Characters

This book, Kanji ABC, is a totally new approach to learning joyo kanji, the 1,945 characters recommended for everyday use by the Japanese government. The authors have developed a strategies for systematizing and facilitating the learning process, and the result is a book that organizes and simplifies the kanji task. The book's unique learning strategy builds on the following components:

  • kanji broken down into graphical elements called graphemes
  • graphemes systematically combined into kanji
  • readings, stroke orders, and meanings of kanji presented in a user-friendly format

Perfect for either self-study or group lessons, Kanji ABC can be easily combined with other materials now on the market for maximum benefit. Because no previous knowledge of Japanese is required, even beginners can use the book. And more advanced students will readily recognize that Kanji ABC's unique method is a new, fast,and fun way to master kanji.

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