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Kanji de Manga - Volume 5

Kanji de Manga - Volume 5

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The Comic Book That Teaches You How to Read and Write Japanese

Another 80 kanji are featured in the fifth volume of Manga University's flagship series. Upon completion of this and the previous four volumes, students will have learned a total of 400 kanji, enough to prepare them for the advanced levels of the official Japanese Language Proficiency Test.

"A brilliant idea!" says Professor Ronald A. Morse of the Japan Studies Department at the University of Las Vegas, Nevada. "Japanese kanji—the written symbols adapted from Chinese—were originally drawings of images from real life. Japanese comic books and cartoons now provide fresh images to help us learn. Kanji de Manga uses today's manga images to make the kanji learning process fun and easy for otaku of all ages. This is a brilliant approach to learning the language."

Each page features its own comic strip, kanji pronunciation guide, stroke order, and English explanations.

Important: Use of this book requires knowledge of hiragana and katakana, the Japanese phonetic alphabets, which are taught in the book "Kana de Manga." If you don't already know how to read and write kana, we recommend you start with that book first.