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Kanji Fast Finder

Kanji Fast Finder

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Locate Any Kanji Immediately on the Basis of its Shape Alone

This book, Kanji Fast Finder, is a totally new study aid that lets you find Japanese kanji quickly and intuitively from their appearance alone, without knowing their reading, radical or stroke count, and without learning yet another "system." This excellent reference book has been designed for serious learners of Japanese who have learned several hundred kanji, as well as general readers with an interest in the written Japanese language,

Kanji Fast Finder features:

  • A Thumb-Index that allows for rapid access to any of the kanji characters on the basis of shapes rather than etymological radicals
  • Clear, easy-to-read layout and characters to facilitate rapid scanning
  • All 1,945 General Use kanji as prescribed by the Japanese Ministry of Education
  • Comprehensive information about each kanji, with the following: core English meaning, on (Chinese derived) and kun (native Japanese) readings, stroke count and radical.

Use this book and you will be able to find kanji in seconds from its appearance alone.

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