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Korean in a Flash - Vol 1

Korean in a Flash - Vol 1

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The Korean Flash Card Kit That Helps You Learn the Most Commonly-used Korean Characters - in a Flash!

Korean in a Flash Volume 1 is an excellent new language learning resource for travelers and others who want to learn Korean quickly and easily.

Part of the best-selling Tuttle in a Flash series, this complete boxed set of Korean character flash cards aids in recognition, vocabulary learning, review and self-testing.

Korean in a Flash has a full range of features to help beginners and intermediate learners alike. 448 flash cards are included, featuring the most commonly used Korean words and phrases. Sample sentences in Korean are provided, along with related terms, frequently-used expressions and extended vocabulary.

  • Contains 448 flashcards plus a 48-page index Booklet
  • Learn 448 Main Words plus 1,792 related terms - 2,240 basic vocabulary items
  • Romanized pronunciation and English meanings given for all vocabulary items
  • Both Korean character forms and romanizaation are given

You can master Korean - in a Flash!