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Korean - Language 30 - Tapes

Korean - Language 30 - Tapes

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Based on the widely acclaimed, accelerated learning method developed for U.S. Government personnel, , this revised and updated course features:

• Two audio cassettes or CDs (approximately 100 minutes total) and verbatim phrase book.

• Basic conversational phrases including: greetings, personal needs, transportation, business, health and emergency terms, and more.

• Native voices with authentic pronunciation.

• Phrases in both English and target language, with the target phrases spoken twice for maximum learning.

• Introduction by the world-famous linguist Charles Berlitz.

• Basic grammar section, pronunciation hints, updated social customs, vocabulary index, phonetic pronunciation and foreign scripts.

• The phrase book can be used separately as a handy, pocket-size reference guide.

• Recommended for beginners, business travelers, vacationers, or as a refresher course.

Includes Two Audio Cassettes & Phrase Book