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Kanji Power

Kanji Power

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A Workbook for Mastering Japanese Characters

Learn kanji without pain!

Kanji Power helps students of Japanese to easily master the reading and writing of 240 of the most important kanji.

Explanations of the meaning of each kanji are given along with derivations, and ample space for writing practice is provided. Numerous sample sentences also show the kanji's various usages, as well as a list of compounds designed specifically to increase the user's practical vocabulary.

With Kanji Power, students will find learning how to read and write kanji a simple, logical and enjoyable process.

After graduating from Australian National University with a degree in Japanese and Indonesian, John Millen worked for several years as a teacher of Japanese in Australia, and contributed,to the Japanese-language curriculum development for Australian high schools. He is currently employed as a teacher at Seikei Gakuen in Tokyo, Japan.

Paperback Book, 192 pages