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Vocabulearn Korean - Level 1

Vocabulearn Korean - Level 1

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Instant Vocabulary

VocabuLearn is the only audio language learning system designed to teach the way you learn best ... concentrating on vocabulary and helpful expressions.

The four stereo CDs contain over 2,500 commonly-used words and expressions - the building blocks of language. This "audio flash card system" will have you communicating in the shortest time possible.

Recommended by educators world-wide, VocabuLearn is prepared by professional instructors and recorded by dialect-free native speakers, giving you the authentic pronunciation of each language.

VocabuLearn is ideal for those studying foreign languages. It can also help you prepare for more enjoyable trips to foreign countries ... and can even improve your job and business opportunities.

Play your VocabuLearn CDs anywhere ... in your car, at home, or on a portable CD player ... wherever you are. You don't have to follow along in the wordlist to learn with VocabuLearn.

Nothing could be easier or more convenient. A prefect bilingual aid!

Four STEREO AUDIO CDs plus Listening Guide

This is Level 1. See Also Korean Level 2.

Please Note: This recording is in STEREO. The English is spoken on one side; Korean on the other side.