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Klaro! - A Practical Guide to German Grammar

Klaro! - A Practical Guide to German Grammar

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Makes German Grammar easy to Review

Klaro! A Practical Guide to German Grammar provides the most concise explanations possible of German grammar - all in easily understood language. Tables and charts allow the learner to view instantly grammatical rules, examples of usage, explanations, and any exceptions to the rules. Quotations from German literature and contemporary newspapers illustrate the grammar in context, and exercises enable learners to understand how the grammar works in practice.

  • Helps you learn the grammar you really need to know
  • Offers clear presentation in tabular form for quick reference & review
  • Includes a glossary explaining grammatical terms
  • Contains authentic literary and journalistic quotations to consolidate our grasp of grammar
  • Provides varied and imaginative exercises that enable you to practice what you've learned

Aimed at INTERMEDIATE-LEVEL learners of German, this invaluable grammar reference can be used by individuals or in classrooms.

Softcover Book
200 pages
by Susan Tebbutt