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Learn Ancient Greek

Learn Ancient Greek

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Learn Just Enough to Begin Reading Parts of the New Testament and Greek Literature

Based on the same principles as Learn Latin, Peter Jones's best-selling book of the hugely popular, Daily Telegraph series, Learn Ancient Greek teaches you enough Greek in 20 chapters to be able to read some real ancient Greek - one of the world's greatest languages, used by one of the world's greatest cultures.

By the end of the course you will be able to read passages from the New Testament and from Classical Greek literature, including extracts from Socrates' speech on trial for his life recorded by Plato, Sophocles' Antigone, and the tragic end to the Athenian expedition to Sicily described by the historian Thucydldes - and much else.

Each chapter also comes with sections on ancient Greek history and culture, and on the influence of the ancient language on our own, enabling you to experience at first hand just why it is that the ancient Greeks have played such a central part in the culture, language and history of western civilization.

Peter Jones, co-founder of the Friends of Classics, is one of the best-known figures in the teaching and appreciation of the Classics. a regular contributor to national newspapers and the author of many books and articles.

Paperback Book, 216 Pages