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Latin American Spanish-English Concise Dictionary

Latin American Spanish-English Concise Dictionary

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Designed especially for the dialects of Central and South American and the Caribbean

Designed specifically for the distinct voabulary and dialects found throughout the Caribbean and Central and South America, this dictionary is your key to the most prevalent dialect of Spanish spoken throughout the US - Latin American Spanish.

The dictionary is very easy to use. There are no complicated defintions, just a word-for-word equivalence, For example:

accept /ak-sépt/ v. aceptar
Sunday /són-dei/ n. domingo

comida /coh-mée-dah/ n. food, meal
prueba /proo-áy-bah/ n. test, proof

Both English to Spanish and Spanish to English

  • Over 8,000 word-to-word entries-- no definitions
  • Phonetic pronunciation in both languages
  • An informative guide to Spanish pronunciation
  • A concise, easy-to-use format
  • Completely modern and up-to-date entries
  • A list of cuisines from Spanish-speaking countries

Paperback Book, 310 pages