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Language Adventure - SPECIAL SALE

Language Adventure - SPECIAL SALE

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Learn Spanish, French, German, Italian, Japanese or English - all on the same CD-ROM

Language Adventure uses captivating, animated adventures to teach children to start speaking a foreign language in minutes. Narration exercises teach pronunciation and vocabulary; a quiz exercise tests comprehension. In the author exercise, students can use what they've learned so far to create their own stories.

Using Language Adventure, children can acquire any of its 6 built-in languages: English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, and Japanese. Parents (or teachers) can select a language as the child's native language and then select a foreign language for the child to learn.

Once the program is set up, children watch a story. The narration by a native speaker is broken down into short phrases and is first spoken in the child's native language, then repeated twice in the new language. Children are expected to use a microphone to repeat the words and phrases. The child's narration is then played back for them. The lessons are sequential, each building upon the previous lesson. At certain points, children will encounter quizzes which review the material just learned.

Composition exercises allow the child to create his or her own animated sequences. Children can record their own voices to narrate the stories fragments. These sequences then become a part of the story. Kids get a "kick" out this part of the program because they become the storyteller!

Three levels of difficulty are provided: pre-reader, beginner, or advanced. There is also an observer mode for younger children that does not require an action by the child. In the observer mode, the story plays pretty much like a movie.

For Windows 95/98 and also Me/2000/XP (with a free downloadable patch).

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