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Learning Construction Spanglish

Learning Construction Spanglish

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Exactly the Right Tool for English-speaking Construction Managers

When construction managers need to talk about the specifics of a construction job – where the electrical outlets need to go, when the framing will be completed, how a plumbing problem will be solved – they need to be able to communicate clearly and effectively with workers. That task gets considerably more difficult when managers and workers are speaking in different languages.

More than simple dictionary terms or phrases, managers need a tool for understanding the basics of the language their workers use – a resource that lets them communicate the myriad of questions, issues, schedules, and tasks that come up on a construction job. Learning Construction Spanglish is exactly the tool they need.

This book offers up:

  • Communication tools – a method for understanding the basics of Spanglish – not just dictionary terms.
  • Practical, useful on-the-job terms and phrases.
  • Logical organization that makes info fast and easy to find.
  • Both English/Spanish and Spanish/English glossaries.

Among other topics, the following are included:

  • Lesson 1: Who, What, How?
  • Lesson 2: Foundations
  • Lesson 3: Framing
  • Lesson 4: Finish Work
  • Lesson 5: Roofing
  • Lesson 6: Exterior
  • Lesson 7: Sheetrocking
  • Lesson 8: Electrical
  • Lesson 9: Plumbing

Paperback book, 256 pages