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Let's Explore France - La Maison

Let's Explore France - La Maison

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Fantastic DVD/CD-ROM Combo for learning French in Context

Help your students improve their vocabulary at the same time as their spoken fluency with this latest quality resource from Visual Education Media in New Zealand.

Carefully edited to create an enjoyable balance between education and entertainment, this latest resource complies with the NZ schools’ French Curriculum Document and relates well to Australian and UK curricula. It provides interesting and engaging supplementary material for all French classes.

Includes 2 segments:

1] La Maison de Jean
A likeable young Frenchman, introduces us to the grounds and various rooms of a typical house, presenting the contents of each in simple, clear French. The sequence is divided into chapters to allow for more detailed study and may be viewed with or without subtitles. Suitable for advanced beginners up.

2] Une Maison en Bourgogne
In the second sequence, which is also divided into chapters but without the option of subtitles, Madame Frolet presents the three stories of her house in Nevers, and the daily routine of life within it. The level is more advanced: from strong intermediate to tertiary.

An accompanying CD-ROM provides teachers and students a full range of support materials at various levels: transcripts, bilingual dictionary, activities, exercises and puzzles, plus notes on using the resource.


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DVD Running Time: Approximately 32 minutes
CD-ROM: Windows XP/Vista/Windows 7/Macintosh OS X. (Mac users must open files manually.)