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Let's Explore France - Le Marché d'Uzès

Let's Explore France - Le Marché d'Uzès

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Fantastic DVD/CD-ROM Combo for learning French in Context

The open-air markets of France are lively, thriving places that have been around since early medieval times. That of Uzès is one of the most representative and also the most colorful of these markets.

Le Marché d’Uzès takes us to the heart of one of the largest and most popular markets in Southern France. Lying just to the west of Provence , Uzès is a small town with a large history. It is situated in an area where many specialties meet – charcuterie from the Cévennes, bull meat from the Camargue and fish from the Mediterranean. Every Saturday, the Grand Marché,with more than 200 stalls, entertainers and musicians, spills out from the Place aux Herbes on to the boulevards of the town.

The various produce sellers - the cheese merchant, the fruit & vegetable man, the florist, the showman peddling his kitchen utensil, the soap manufacturer, and the alcoholic beverages maker - along with musicians and a mime, provide us with the patter, the exchanges, the vocabulary and the atmosphere of a traditional market.

CD-ROM: Teacher's notes, full transcriptions, bilingual vocabularies, activities, puzzles and slide shows.


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DVD Running Time: Approximately 26 minutes May be viewed with or without subtitles.
CD-ROM: Windows XP/Vista/Windows 7/Macintosh OS X (Mac users must open files manually).