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Learn French

Learn French

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An Usborne Introduction

Learn French provides a thorough grounding in up-to-date French, going beyond the essential, everyday phrases to help you really come to grips with the language. Using colorful cartoon strips, the book takes a trio of characters on an adventure trail and at the same time gradually builds up your knowledge of French, introducing more detailed and complex grammar in a step-by-step fashion. Test-yourself quizzes and puzzles feature throughout the book, so you can practice your skills -- and also often solve steps in the adventure trail. As well as plenty of learning tips and a comprehensive pronunciation guide, the book has a clear, systematic grammar section and a French-English word list. This book is intended for anyone aged 11 and up. Also available with a cassette tape, based on the book. Native French speakers demonstrate, clearly and naturally, how the words and phrases in the book should sound. A lively English narration makes it possible to use the tape either alone or in conjunction with the book.

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