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L'île Fantastique

L'île Fantastique

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Fantastic Island - A French/English Puzzle Story

This bilingual reader tells a lively story in French and English and contains lots of fun picture puzzles to do in French. Readers of all levels of French ability, ages 7 and up, will enjoy applying and extending their language skills with this entertaining book. Even complete beginners can decipher the French, using the word keys on every page. Detailed instructions packed with things to spot ensure that the story can be read again and again. There is a comprehensive word list at the back of the book with simple pronunciation guide for each French word or phrase. Hidden in the heart of L'île Fantastique lies a treasure chest full of weird and wonderful goodies. See if you can help adventurous Max and his trusty parrot solve all the tricky problems they come across on their quest to find the chest. But watch out! Max is not alone on the island. Can you help him beat Horace the Horrible to the treasure?

Book, Soft Cover in both French and English