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Latin for the Illiterati

Latin for the Illiterati

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Every Person's Reference to Common Latin Words and Phrases

Latin for the Illiterati is every person's reference to common Latin words and phrases.The volume contains common words, phrases and abbreviations taken from the worlds of art, music, law, philosophy, theology, medicine, and the theater as well as clever sayings and sage advice from ancient writers. This solidly researched handbook also includes an English-Latin index and a guide to Latin Pronunciation.

PRAISES for Latin for the Illiterati:

"Stone. . . has penned one of those rare reference works that is both highly affordable and highly useful. . . While many resources supply similar information. . . few sources also include such a range of sayings and phrases, in this case well over 5,000. In addition, the last section of Stone's work is a real boon to reference librarians. . . Highly recommended." --Library Journal

"If you're a student trying to improve your vocabulary, this is a great book. If you're law student trying to figure out what phrases meant before they meant what they mean, this is a great book. For those who have forgotten the three years of parochial-school Latin, this is a really great book." --Publisher's Weekly

"Latin for the llliterati will be a terminus ad quem (i.e., finishing point) for many a question about the terra incognita (i.e., unknown land) that even common Latin expressions are to many people today. [The book], of course, delves more deeply into the Latin lexicon than a polyglot source. . .and therein lies its value. Bene!" --Rettig on Reference

"A ready reference dream come true. .." --American Libraries