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Learn German in a Hurry

Learn German in a Hurry

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Grasp the Basics of Deutsch im Snellgang!

You may recognize the distinct sound of the German language when you hear it-but that's not enough if you're planning a trip to a German-speaking country, is it?

What if you want to get a head start for your first language class? Wouldn't it be nice to be able to talk to Grandpa on the phone-in his native tongue? With this ideal pocket-sized primer, now you can do all of these things!

Learn German in a Hurry teaches you all you need, and offers you:

  • Commonly used German phrases (days of the week, numbers, letters)
  • Pronunciations and conjugations
  • Grammar and sentence construction
  • Useful words and terms
  • Helpful German-English and English-German dictionaries

Complete with easy-to-read tables and pronunciations guides, Learn German in a Hurry is your key to learning die deutsche before you know it!

Edward Swick has been teaching languages for more than thirty years. He holds master's degrees in German, Russian, and English and was a Fulbright scholar at the University of Hamburg. He lives in Chicago.

Paperback Book, 186 pages