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Learn Italian in a Hurry

Learn Italian in a Hurry

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Grasp the Basics of Italiano Rapidamente!

You know how to order your favorite ravioli or vino--but that can only get you so far. If you are planning to travel to an Italian-speaking country or want a jumpstart on how to parlarle for a class, Learn Italian in a Hurry is your ideal pocket-sized primer to learning this beautiful language, with sections on:

  • Commonly used Italian phrases (days of the week, numbers, letters)
  • Pronunciations and conjugations
  • Grammar and sentence construction
  • Useful words and terms
  • Helpful Italian-English and English-Italian dictionaries

Complete with easy-to-read tables, pronunciations guides throughout, and even a must-visit list of Italian cities, Learn Italian in a Hurry is your key to learning Italian rapidamente!

Paperback Book, 186 pages