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Learner's Kanji Dictionary

Learner's Kanji Dictionary

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Find any Compound Using Any of Its Component Characters

This Learner's Kanji Dictionary is a concise edition of the Highly-Acclaimed Kanji Dictionary by Mark Spahn and Wolfgang Hadamitzky.

Every Kanji entry appears in an extra-large form, with its strokes labeled in order. Handwritten and variant forms of the kanji are also given, along with its general structure and graphemes (graphical components) as used in recent computer programs such as SUNRISE Kanji Dictionary and SUNRISE Script.

In all, this dictionary lists the most important 2,882 characters and 12, 073 multi-character compounds, including all Joyo Kanji authorized for general use plus all 284 Jinmei-yo Kanji decreed for use in given names.

One feature that makes this dictionary particularly useful for beginners is that every compound is listed under each of its characters. This multiple listing makes it possible to look up a compound under whichever of its characters is quickest to find.

With the alphabetically arranged index of kanji readings at the back of the dictionary, the user can look up a character via any of its known readings (or look up a compound via any of the readings of any of its characters), without having to determine radicals or count strokes.

Paperback Book, 906 pages

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