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Lyric Language Italian - DVD, Audio CD, Book

Lyric Language Italian - DVD, Audio CD, Book

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Learn Italian the FUN Way

This best-selling Lyric Language bilingual/ESL children's audio is now available in an expanded activity kit, Lyric Language Live!

Children can watch live-action music videos for each of the 21 songs on DVD, or listen to the original songs on the audio CD - and follow along using the brand new beautifully illustrated Lyric and Activity Book with stickers!

Audio CD: Has 21 original songs about key concepts like opposites, alphabet, animals, family and food! Sung in completely bilingual format by all native speakers!

DVD: Has 21 original live-action videos, one for each song! Includes lyrics at the bottom of the screen, in time with the music!

Lyric and Activity Book: Includes full lyrics to all 21 songs, complete with illustrations! Offers activities to go with every song, reinforcing the vocabulary learned from the songs! Reusable stickers make for play-again fun!

Your children will love this video and beg you to play it for them again and again.

Suitable for age 3 to adult.

Includes DVD, Audio CD and Activity Book