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Living Language Japanese - CDs

Living Language Japanese - CDs

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40 Lessons on two 90-minute cassettes or CDs

Speak Japanese with confidence in just 6 weeks!

Living Language Japanese is a complete, step-by-step guide to the basics of Japanese conversation and grammar. This revised course uses the highly effective speed-learning method developed by US Government experts to teach foreign language to overseas-bound servicemen and diplomats.

40 Lessons on Two 90-Minute Cassettes/CDs:

• Begin with simple words and phrases and progress to more complex expressions. Just listen and repeat after the native speakers.

• Only Japanese is spoken on the recordings, so you learn naturally, the way you learned English. The accompanying Japanese coursebook includes the English translation.

Japanese Coursebook:

• The pocket-sized book contains all the translated phrases from the recorded lessons, plus additional vocabulary, detailed explanations, and quizzes.

• The book also features verb charts with all tenses included and a comprehensive summary of Japanese grammar.


• More than 15,000 words defined.

• Idiomatic expressions and common phrases show how words are used in everyday conversation. The dictionary doubles as a phrasebook.

• 1000 of the most frequently used words are highlighted for easy reference.