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Livemocha German

Livemocha German

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Collins has teamed up with Livemocha, the world’s largest online language learning community with over 7 million members, to provide a new interactive conversational language-learning experience

This is an Internet Online Course. You must have Internet access to use this product.

Livemocha Active German enables you to speak and understand German through practice with native speakers in four simple steps:

  • Get online. Use the activation card to register for your online Active German course.
  • Get to work. Build your German skills using conversation videos, easy explanations and activities.
  • Get connected. Chat with native German speakers and get feedback on your exercises from native speakers around the world.
  • Get out there. Make the most of your new ability to speak German.

100+ hours of online course and
4 companion books.

"Livemocha is the best online language program I have seen and used—vastly superior to Rosetta Stone in terms of cost and the variety of language functions it offers."
- Dr. Steven J. Sacco, Language Professor, San Diego State University
PhD in Foreign Language Education