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Letters Sticker Book

Letters Sticker Book

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First Learning

Here's a great package: a popular Usborne Sticker book is teamed up with a Windows CD-ROM and a foam puzzle! The book is filled with lots of colorful stickers designed for an adult and child to use together. A Child-friendly foam puzzle reinforces character recogntion while providing tactile stimulation and increasing manual dexterity. The puzzle pieces are about 1/2-inch thick, so the pieces fit snugly in place until they are removed. The puzzle matrix and letters come in assorted bright colors. The CD-ROM contains a collection of interactive learning games set in colorful animated screens. Lively music with voices and sounds appear occasionally to promote exploration of the topics. Through this entertaining medium, children will identify sounds and learn matching, memorization and reading. Players may select their individual level of difficulty and change it easily. Successful answers are congratulated enthusiastically and missed answers receive kind coaching. This is a WINDOWS only CD-ROM. For Children Ages 3 and up Book, foam puzzle, and CD-ROM