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Modern English-Yiddish Dictionary

Modern English-Yiddish Dictionary

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Includes English to Yiddish and Yiddish to English Sections

The most authoritative modern dictionary of its kind.

Uriel Weinreich wrote of his dictionary in the Author's Preface that its "principal purpose ... is to furnish the advanced student of Yiddish with access to the language of modern cultivated usage. It is meant to serve him as a guide to the correct and idiomatic employment of the language in speech and in writing. As an aid in the reading of Yiddish written materials, it is likely to be particularly helpful with nonfiction texts.... The Dictionary is designed in the main for persons who have a firm grounding in English and at least a rudimentary command of Yiddish and are eager to broaden their mastery of Yiddish vocabulary and phraseology."

This book is a standard reference guide, with more than 20,000 entries ranging from colloquial to literary Yiddish, plus a grammar guide, a pronunciation key, and instructions for usage.

Please note: the Yiddish is written using Hebrew letters

Originally published by YIVO Institute for Jewish Research, Inc.. This publication by Shocken Books. Softcover. Over 650 pages.