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Must Know Italian

Must Know Italian

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4,000 Words that Give You the Power to Communicate

Your search for the right word in Italian is over.

Stop hunting blindly through ordinary bilingual dictionaries! With 4,000 words, Must-Know Italian gives you the power to be understood in any situation.

You'll never be at a loss for words again

  • In the classroom il calcolatore (calculator), il, la supplente (substitute teacher)
  • At the office lo stage (internship), la riunione (meeting)
  • Talking about the environment la conservazione (conservation), riciclare (recycle)
  • Discussing politics la cittadinanza (citizenship), il broglio elettorale (electoral fraud)
  • Shopping l(o)'affare (bargain), la cartina del bancomat (ATM card)

Paperback Book, 284 pages