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Modern Military Dictionary

Modern Military Dictionary

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English-Arabic and Arabic-English

Every field of human activity develops its own terms and jargon, and the military field is no exception. This timely and necessary dictionary includes fundamental military terms,contemporary political and technological terms and jargon, military technique terms for the specialist,as well as words in allied subjects such as economics, law, statistics and sociology.

The following are among the comprehensive number of military terms found in this dictionary: air reconnaissance, cluster bomb, estimated time of arrival, firing pin, intercontinental ballistic missile, logbook, megaton, orbital velocity, rate of fire, squadron, target allocation, verification fire, and zero hour.

In giving the equivalent Arabic terms reference has been accorded to those terms agreed by the Arabic Academic Centers in Cairo, Amman, Damascus, Baghdad and Rabat, and to the widely accepted terms that have been coined by contemporary specialists and linguists.

Please note that translations are to and from Arabic script. There are no phonetic symbols.

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