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Making Out in Turkish

Making Out in Turkish

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From Everyday Conversation to the Language of Love - A guide to Turkish as it is really spoken

Traveling to Turkey? Get ready to speak with the people you encounter! This guide - though it takes an easy, informal approach - is carefully authentic and teaches you the Turkish that is spoken in everyday situations you're likely to experience. So whether you need to order a meal in a restaurant, get a fair price on something in a shop, fit in with the slang-slinging locals in a bar or impress the parents of your new date, you'll find just the phrases you need.

Making out in Turkish features a pronunciation guide, notes on Turkish language and culture, and handy tips. The expressions are organized according to typical encounters, including:

  • Striking up a Conversation
  • Sharing a Meal
  • Going out on the Town
  • Developing a romantic Relationship

The easy-to-say pronunciation guide for each expression will have you sounding like a native; or you can show the book to the person you are speaking to.

Paperback Book, 96 pages