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Medical Spanish Pocket

Medical Spanish Pocket

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Pocket Sized Spanish for Medical Professionals - including Dentists!

As one of the best pocket-sized medical Spanish guides available, this little book will become a vital tool for communication with your Spanish-speaking patients. A clear and intuitive organization by organ system allows users to take histories and perform general or focused physicals in Spanish with little or no prior knowledge of the language.

  • 2nd Edition completely updated: Now includes dental Spanish
  • Clearly organized by history and physical examination with specific in-depth questions and phrases appropriate to each medical specialty.
  • Bilingual dictionary containing Spanish medical terminology specific to Mexico, Puerto Rico, Cuba, and other countries.
  • Provides hundreds of essential ready to use words and phrases.
  • For students, residents, nurses and other healthcare professionals.
  • Thumb register for rapid access to topic sections.
  • Comprehensive yet trimly sized at 3.75 x 5 inches.
  • Highest quality paper and thread-stitched binding ensures years of use.

The first part of Medical Spanish Pocket provides an overview of the Spanish language, i.e. pronunciation, common words and common phrases, as well as basics of medical terminology.

The second part is organized by situation. It starts with the interview, examination and the course of an office visit. It then covers specific questions and phrases for each medical specialty.

The third and fourth parts. . . are ready-to-use dictionaries of medical terminology, the first one English to Spanish, the second one vice versa.